The World’s Greatest Christian

I once met the world’s greatest Christian. How did I recognize her as such? She had no halo or aura to signify how special she was. So how did I know? She told me. Oh, not in so many words. But by the way she went on and on about all the good things she had been doing that day, and about how others should be doing the same but they weren’t, I got the message–I was standing in the presence of greatness.

When confronted with such cartoonish behavior, we might tend to focus on the arrogance of the offensive individual. Instead, I must take a good look at myself to see if I am practicing humility, or if I am blowing my own horn. Do I bring up a certain matter as a prayer concern, or as a means of fishing for compliments by showing how involved I am in trying to minister to people?

Prov.27:2 says, “Let another praise you, and not your own mouth; someone else, and not your own lips.”

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