Don’t Forget!

Wynonna Judd

It happens every now and then. Some superstar singer who makes a fortune singing songs that he or she has memorized gets a chance to sing the National Anthem before an important sporting event—and forgets the words!

As many times as we all have heard and sung that song, you would think that we could remember the words every time we sing it. It’s not that easy, however.

Wynonna Judd had the opportunity to sing the National Anthem before the Napa 300 at Daytona in February of 2006. To make sure that she didn’t forget the words, she wrote them on her hand before she stepped up to the microphone!

Jesus knows how forgetful we tend to be. He knew that we needed something to remind us of even the most important thing that happened for us—his sacrificial death on the cross. So he gave us the command to take communion. “…Do this in remembrance of me”, he said (Luke 22:19).

Regular participation in communion helps us to remember that Jesus loves us so much that he died so that we could live forever with him.

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