Tom Cox

My name is Tom Cox. This blog is an attempt to capture the adventure of following Jesus. The journey is sometimes confusing, often frightening, but always rewarding. We learn as we go, and in the process, something marvelous happens–we become more like Jesus!

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    • Lesa Applegate Johnson says:

      Hi Tommy: It has been a long time and I’ve wondered what became of you! I am, of course, presuming that you are the same Tom Cox who graduated from Tollesboro High in 1975 right along with me!

      I read the piece in the Ledger this morning about your ministry and new church in Vanceburg! Congratulations! I hope your appointment there will be a perfect fit for you and your family and will allow you to remain for many years!

      I also read several of your posts here as well. You make some very good points! I’m sure that if I thought about it long and hard enough I would find a couple of items to fill in the blanks on serving Jesus 80% of the time! I certainly strive NOT to only be faithful to HIM 80% of the time but I am human and I do fail, sometimes miserably!

      Enjoy the new position and home and from my house to yours, we wish you a very
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

      Lesa, class of 1975 THS! Go Wildcats!

      • jesustrek says:

        Lesa, Yes it’s the Tom Cox you went to school with. It’s good to hear from you. I hope life is good for you. My wife and I are both glad to be in Vanceburg. I moved away 27 years ago, so I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. God bless, and have a wonderful Christmas.

  1. Lee & Lois Baltzer says:

    Hi Tom,
    I’ve been using you communion meditations for quite a while now, and only recently realized that you’re the Tom Cox who married Karen Mauk while we were at Broadway Christian Church in Lexington KY. Your piece on Steve Case tipped me off. My wife Lois was organist at Broadway for 22 years, and I was an elder there the last few years of our Broadway sojourn – Lee and Lois Baltzer.
    Tom, your articles are very well written and very much to the point, and I appreciate them enormously. Keep up the good work. This website is a great ministry. Are you still in Vanceburg, and still preaching?

    • jesustrek says:

      Hi, Lee. I remember you and Lois well. Hope you both are doing OK. Glad you can use the articles. I write with ministers in mind. I still preach at Vanceburg Christian Church. Karen and I just moved into a house we built out in the country. Tell Lois we said Hi. God Bless.

  2. Rick Hughes says:

    Tom, enjoy your article each week in the herald & just found your website. Love it.
    Rick Hughes, Maysville, formerly of Vanceburg. Stay blessed.

  3. Rick Hughes says:

    Tom this is Rick Hughes again. Our son Daniel plays bass guitar in the Christian contemporary group Audience of One. They don’t charge to come play at churches & events. They are a very annointed group. If you and your church are ever interested let me know. I have a contact number. My wife & I go to hickory grove in Tollesboro. My number is 606-407-1007. Thanks & stay blessed

  4. Rick Hughes says:

    Tom, JUST WHAT I NEEDED hit home for me. When my dad Meredith Hughes got sick , 6 weeks before he passed away, God gave me Elijah my newest grandson. He was too young to know it at the time but was with me every step of the way. He’s 23 months old now & he & I are best buddies! Thanks & God bless. Rick Hughes, maysville, ky

  5. Rick Hughes says:

    Tom, would you mind if I shared your stories from time to time?

  6. Rick Hughes says:

    Tom you should be proud of your bell choir. They performed last Thursday at our church, Light of the World Community Church in Maysville and really blessed us with their music. Very talented bunch of people. Good to see some old friends I haven’t seen in years. Stay blessed.

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