Check Your Gauges

I used to drive a vehicle that had a broken gas gauge. I could never trust it to tell me when I needed fuel, so I would try to estimate how much gas I had in the tank. There was always the worry that I might find myself stranded somewhere.

The car I drive now has a faulty speedometer. It consistently misinforms me of the speed at which I am driving. I know this to be true because I have compared it to the radar screens that are occasionally along the highway to help motorists gauge their speed. My speedometer has never gotten me into trouble, but I know that it can’t be trusted to tell me the truth.

Is it possible to be cruising along life’s highway, oblivious to the fact that we are out of synch with God? How can we know that the inner gauges of our lives are telling us the truth?

You can’t trust your conscience. Look at how many people are living outrageously sinful lives, yet think that they are among the best people on the face of the earth. No, your conscience is not the answer.

Your friends aren’t the answer. Oh, sure you can often get good advice from godly friends, but some of the worst mistakes I’ve ever made have been made with the approval of my friends.  Peer approval is no guarantee that you are doing the right thing.

Advice columnists are not reliable. Some of the most ungodly counsel you will ever find comes from well-known people who write for newspapers.

You can’t count on the rules of our society to lead you down the right path. For example, in our culture it’s perfectly legal to kill a baby in the womb. How sick is that?

So where can you turn to find the truth? The answer, of course, is the Bible. God’s Word is a light for our path; it is useful for training us to live righteous lives. So don’t trust your inner gauges. Allow God to correct your thinking and guide your actions.

Safe travel, my friends!

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