Taking the Emergency Chute

Steven Slater

Jet Blue flight attendant Steven Slater made the news recently with the manner in which he left his job. After an incident with a difficult passenger, Slater made a profanity-laced speech over the loudspeaker, grabbed some beer and slid down the emergency chute to exit the plane. The usually mild-mannered Slater said that he had occasionally thought about making such an exit, but only after being pushed to the limit did he actually follow through with it.

Haven’t we all thought about pulling a “Slater”? When difficult people at school, work or church try our patience to the very limit, we think about exiting in memorable fashion. Let’s tell them the way it really is, take what’s ours and leave in a blaze of glory! That will give people something to talk about!

Sometimes problem people do need to be confronted. However, the first response that pops into your mind is often not the best one. Burning your bridges behind you leaves little or no room for reconciliation. Be patient. Consider some alternative options. Try to think about the big picture. Ask yourself what action would lead to the best long-term solution for everyone involved.

Rom.12:18—“If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”

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