Does She Know?

I wasn’t scheduled to preach anywhere yesterday, so my wife and I visited a church in the next county. A lady with three young girls sat down next to us, and we began to worship.

Sometimes when I worship in a church service, it seems like it is just God and me. At other times, I am deeply aware of those around me. I think that the latter mindset is more biblical, and therefore more appropriate, for corporate worship.


Yesterday I began to notice the little girl to my right. She was maybe 8 or 9 years old. I wondered about her spiritual maturity. Did she come to church on a regular basis? Is she familiar with the well-known Bible stories that are taught in Sunday School? Does she know that Jesus died for her?

The time came for communion. Someone up front reminded us that we were doing this to remember the sacrificial death of Jesus. We started passing around the elements of the Lord’s Supper. My little friend eagerly reached for the trays of bread and grape juice as I passed them to her. But that didn’t answer my question. Does she know, I mean really know about Jesus?

A few seconds later, I stole a glance to my right. The little girl was gazing reverently and prayerfully at the small cup she held in her hands. Good! She knows!

Do you know?

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