Harvest Time

It is harvest time in Indiana. As I write these words, I can hear farm machinery operating across the road from my house. The farmer is harvesting his crop of soybeans. (Who says Indiana is nothing but cornfields!?). He knows that winter is just around the corner. If he doesn’t get the crop in before bad weather sets in, it will be too late. There is a season for the harvest, and those who participate in it must be about their work.

Jesus says that the fields are ready for harvest, meaning that the time is right to bring people into his kingdom. People are searching for truth; they are desperate for hope. They long for something that gives meaning to the human existence. Most people are seeking more than this life has to offer. We Christians hold the key to eternal life—Jesus Christ. Jesus has given us this most important truth and has commissioned us to share it with whomever we can.

So when you see a farmer working to harvest his crop, be reminded of the task that Jesus has set before us. Now is the time to get involved in the harvest. Pray for more workers. Invite someone to church. Share the good news with someone who has not yet believed it. Give money to mission work. Be an active part of a church that is serious about saving people. There are many ways to be an important part of this vital work, so don’t delay. Wherever you are, it’s harvest time!

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