Scarred Hands

Tom’s hand post-op

I have a condition called Dupuytren’s contracture. If left unchecked, it can cause one or more fingers to bend toward the palm, so that you cannot straighten them. Until recently, the only way to correct this condition is through surgery. I had my right hand operated on about five years ago. Then I had the left one done about a year ago. The surgeries were successful to the extent that I have full use of both hands now. However, the operations have left my hands noticeably scarred.

Sometimes when I look at my hands, I think about the hands of Jesus. But his scars and mine are quite different. My wounds were made with a surgeon’s scalpel, not a Roman soldier’s hammer and nails. I had good anesthesia when my wounds occurred; Jesus refused the painkiller that was offered him. My wounds didn’t help anyone but me; Jesus’ wounds paid for the sins of mankind.

Thank God for scarred hands!

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