Giving It Your Best Shot

Brenner and Me

My 14-month-old friend Brenner recently came over for a play date. At one point, Brenner picked up my basketball and marched resolutely to the 10 foot high goal that is nailed to the side of the barn behind our house. Looking up at the goal, he took aim and tossed the ball. His shot ended up going about 2 inches beyond his fingertips, nearly 8 feet short of the goal. In the process of his effort, Brenner also fell to the ground. Later he tried it while perched on my shoulders, but the little guy’s toss still didn’t come close to the goal.

You have to admire Brenner’s attitude. He knew what was supposed to be done, and even though he fell short of succeeding, he gave it his best shot.

Sometimes we feel quite small and ineffective when trying to serve the Lord. But Ephesians 4:12-16 talks about how God’s people mature as they receive training and as they work together in love. The promise in verse 15 is that “…We will in all things grow up into him who is the Head, that is, Christ.”

Someday I hope to see a bigger, stronger Brenner effortlessly swishing 3-pointers from all over the basketball court. And someday I hope to be more mature in my faith as I try to serve Jesus. All any of us can do in the meantime is give it our best shot.

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