Chubs, the Two-Faced Dog

A friend of mine has a dog named Chubs. Chubs and his owner live right across the road from their country church. On Sunday morning, Chubs has a friendly greeting for anyone who comes to worship. He’s the nicest dog you could ever imagine. That’s how he is on Sunday.

Any other day of the week, however, Chubs shows a different side to anyone who might come around. He snarls and growls and threatens anyone who comes near. The Chubs you see on Sunday is completely different from the one you see during the week. Chubs is a two-face.

Some people are a lot like Chubs. They seem different on Sunday. They change their vocabulary. They don’t snap at their family members. They have a pleasant disposition when talking to other people. They appear to be focused on God for a change. They, like Chubs, are two-faced.

Jesus doesn’t like two-faces. Some of his harshest words were to religious people that he called hypocrites. They were like actors in a play, wearing a false face to disguise the person who was really behind the mask.

It’s funny to talk about a dog who behaves one way on Sunday, but differently every other day of the week. When it comes to people, however, there’s nothing funny about hypocrisy. Therefore, we must strive to be genuine. Don’t wear a mask. Don’t be a two-face.

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