No Condemnation

When a basketball player on the opposing team misses the entire goal with a shot, the hometown fans often yell, “Air ball! Air ball!” over and over again. They want to remind him of his mistake and perhaps rattle him to the point where he won’t perform very well.

I was in attendance at a high school girls’ basketball game a few years ago where I witnessed something similar. A player for one team tried in vain to save the ball from going out of bounds. As a result of her attempt, she landed in the stands, in the student section of the opposing team. The young lady must have said something unladylike as she picked herself up to return to the court. Perhaps she was frustrated with her failure to save the ball. Maybe she was angry at the referee’s call. Or maybe she was hurt. In any case, she said something she shouldn’t have said. I didn’t hear the offensive statement, but the fans from the opposing team did, and they wouldn’t let the girl forget about it. They chanted over and over, “She’s a cusser! She’s a cusser!” Every time she touched the ball, the cry filled the gymnasium again, “She’s a cusser!”

Isn’t that the way Satan does? He tries to remind us of our mistakes. He loves to point out our sins. Sometimes he seems to shout it out. At other times he merely whispers in our ear. You know the words he uses–“Liar! Cheater! Greedy! Cusser! Sexually immoral!” Fill in the blank. What does he say to you?

This is all an attempt to “get us off our game” and perform poorly as Christians. However, God doesn’t want us to pay attention to the devil’s efforts to distract us. He wants us to know that we Christians have had our sins washed away by the blood of Jesus, and we are no longer viewed as guilty of those past mistakes. We are forgiven; not condemned.

Rom.8:1 says, “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus”. Let’s stop living like we’re condemned and start living free and powerful lives for Christ!

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2 Responses to No Condemnation

  1. Steve Brown says:


    Very nice entry today. Thanks!


  2. john o'cull says:

    praise the Lord! this means that if we can accept the love /grace that Christ offers us, we can love others the same way, without condemnation. then, these individuals will be able to experience Christ’s love through us. 1 Cor 13 – of all the things love is, it endures throughout eternity.

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