Assignment from God

God told Noah to build an ark about the size of a football field. He had Abraham move without giving him a forwarding address. The Lord gave Moses the thankless 40-year job of leading the unappreciative Israelites to the Promised Land. Hosea’s assignment was to marry a woman who was known to be very promiscuous. Ezekiel was told not to mourn when his wife died. Esther’s task was to risk her life by going to the king to plead for the Jewish people to be spared. God gave Daniel the chore of spending a night in a den of hungry lions. Nehemiah’s duty was to rebuild a huge wall out of rubble. The Lord told Isaiah to preach to people who were too stubborn to listen. Jonah’s God-given task was to take the “Big Fish Luxury Cruise” to Nineveh. Mary accepted her assignment to bear a child that was conceived out of wedlock, even though she was a virgin. Paul’s work for the Lord was primarily to suffer for the name of Jesus. And Jesus, well, his work wasn’t finished until he was hanging on a cross.

Now I don’t feel so overwhelmed by what God has given me to do today. How about you?

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