Not my car! Could have been worse!

Thank goodness for car insurance! Last night I joined the ever-growing club of drivers who have hit a deer. Actually, this deer hit me. It was dark, and I was driving about 55 mph, talking with my wife when I saw a doe’s head hit my windshield.  The windshield cracked, the left front fender was demolished, the side mirror is gone, the driver’s door is dented, and other damage may be discovered with the light of day.

There was nothing I could do to avoid what happened. There was absolutely no time to react. We are truly thankful to be insured against this surprising event.

Jesus wants his followers to be prepared for his second coming. He says, “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come.” (Matt.24:42). One day Jesus will return to gather his people. He will come as quickly and as unannounced as a thief breaking into a house at night. There will be no time then to prepare for his return; we must be ready now.

Are you insured for this?

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