My theme for this new year is the year itself.


Let me explain. 2011 is designated as MMXI in Roman numerals. MMXI is an anagram for “My Most for Christ Jesus”. The two “Ms” are self-explanatory. “X” is the first letter in Christ, and “I” is the first letter in Jesus as those words are spelled in the Greek language in which the New Testament was written.

So there you have it; MMXI = My Most for Christ Jesus.

This year I want to give my most for Jesus in everything I do. Whether I’m working on a sermon, writing a blog, visiting a person in need, being a husband to my wife, taking a day off, enjoying a ball game with my friends, worshiping at church, studying the Bible and praying alone…whatever I do, I want to do my very best. After all, he gave his very best for me!

You can share my theme if you like, or maybe you would rather come up with your own. In any case, let’s give our all for Jesus this year!

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