Death Remembered

Syndicated newspaper columnist Leonard Pitts visited Auschwitz a few years ago. He says that he was surprised at the number of Israeli school groups there. Some of the children were actually wrapped in their national flag.

The Jewish people have made a point of educating their children about the Holocaust. They want them to understand the horrible death that so many of their people suffered. There is no better way to stress the significance of this event than to visit the place where it occurred.

Jesus encourages us to mentally visit the place of his death every Sunday. When he instituted the Lord’s Supper, Jesus said, “…Do this in remembrance of me.” (Luke 22:19).

Unlike the senseless genocide perpetrated by the Nazis, the death of Jesus has a purpose. It takes away the sins of repentant, baptized believers. His death saves us from a Godless eternity and enables us to become children of God.

No wonder Jesus wants us to remember his death!

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