Knowing What to Do

Someone once asked me why I never coached a basketball team at some level. I never had seriously thought about it. I do like the game, and I think I have a basic understanding of how it should be played. I can usually tell you what I believe should have happened in a certain situation.

Then it occurred to me—there is a huge difference between coaching and analyzing a game. The analyst tells what should have taken place; the coach has to decide what should happen next. One gives advice after the fact; the other offers leadership at the critical moment.

The Bible says that among King David’s men were the “men of Issachar, who understood the times and knew what Israel should do…” (1 Chron.12:32).

I think most churches need more “men of Issachar”. There are all kinds of people who can tell you how the church did the wrong things in the 1970s or the right things in the 1990s. However, few and far between are the people who understand the times today and know what to do right now.

The current times certainly present a lot of challenges, but along with those challenges we find great opportunities. Let’s pray that God will raise up insightful leaders in his kingdom, and that churches will be blessed with people who are knowledgeable and who understand what God’s people must do in the times in which we live today.

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