Obvious Growth

Sara Hammond

She sure has grown a lot.

Sara is the daughter of some friends of mine. The last memory I had of Sara was when she was hanging out at church camp. She was about nine years old–too young to be part of the group that was there that week–so she went off by herself to play. She was very content to be a normal little girl, and this is how she became frozen in my mind.

I moved away, and had little contact with Sara’s family for about nine years. In the meantime, she grew up.

Shortly after I moved back to Kentucky a few months ago, I read about Sara in the sports section of the newspaper. It seems that she turned out to be quite a basketball player. She is now over six feet tall, and is one of the best high school players in the state. She has been recruited to play for the University of Louisville.

As soon as I learned this, I knew that I had to make a road trip. I needed to see with my own eyes how Sara had grown up and become the young lady that she is today.

Last night I made the 3-hour drive to watch her play. In my own unbiased opinion, Sara is magnificent! She possesses the skills of a guard, but she is most effective under the basket—rebounding, scoring and blocking shots. She handles herself with grace and self-control, exuding confidence without coming across as being arrogant. Although she is the best player on her team, she is a good passer who looks to get the ball to her teammates whenever she can.

After the game I got a chance to speak to Sara. I didn’t expect her to remember me, but she was genuinely appreciative of the fact that I had driven so far to see her play. Her social skills seem to be on par with her basketball skills, and her parents told me that she is doing well with her spiritual growth also.

I sure was proud to see how much Sara has grown in every way.

The Bible says, “Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress.” (1 Tim.4:15).

Does God expect us to grow? Obviously! Here is the key question—If someone saw you for the first time in nine years, could he or she tell that you have grown in Christ?

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1 Response to Obvious Growth

  1. John O'Cull says:

    Live the Lion blog has created situation where acquaintances from previous chapters of my life have read entries that I have written. Several questions have arisen, with same theme, “What happened to you over past ___ years?” While I regret that they did not see my spiritual convictions back in those days, I am thankful for second chance to demonstrate faith in our wonderful God.

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