The Next Move

A story is told about a preacher who was asked to go visit an old Chinese gentleman who was in the hospital. The preacher walked into the man’s room and introduced himself. The gentleman responded in his native language. The preacher just stood there with a puzzled look on his face. The man repeated the same phrase. Then he said it again and again. The preacher continued to stand there in confusion. Once more, the old gentleman said the same words, then, suddenly, he died.

The preacher was quite shaken. He wondered what the man’s last words were, so he memorized what the old man had said. A couple of days later, he went to the funeral home for the visitation. While he was there he pulled aside some members of the family, repeated the phrase he had heard the old man say, and asked what it meant. They said, “It means—Would you please move! You’re standing on my oxygen tube!”

There are too many Christians who are stifling the flow of the Holy Spirit. Most churches are desperate for the Holy Spirit to bring a breath of fresh air and bring much-needed revival. But sometimes God’s people must move in order for him to move.

You aren’t standing on the oxygen tube, are you?

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