Who Did the Catching?

Jason Kresse and his catch

Jason Kresse recently caught an 8-foot, 375 pound mako shark. Or maybe the shark caught him. Kresse, of Freeport, Texas, was fishing for red snapper about 50 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico when the shark suddenly jumped into his boat. The crew was unable to get close enough to the monster fish to throw it back into the sea, so it thrashed about for a while and then died. Kresse, who has been fishing since childhood, was shocked to land the huge shark in such a surprising fashion. It took a forklift to get it off the boat. The prize catch is now on display at a seafood business in Freeport, about 55 miles south of Houston. Kresse plans to get it mounted.

Jesus says that if we follow him, he will make us fishers of men (Matthew 4:19). Most of the time, we have to be actively pursuing potential followers of Jesus. Sometimes, however, they practically jump in the boat with us.

A fellow once ventured into the building of a church where I was the preacher. It was Sunday afternoon, and I was the only one there. The man said that he had seen a car outside and thought that he might find his uncle, who was a member of our church. We made arrangements to talk again, and eventually I led him and his wife to the Lord.

Another time, I received a phone call from a man who wanted to know if I had the time to baptize him that day. He had finally decided to follow the example set by his Christian father and his believing wife and wanted to give his life to Jesus Christ.

These are just a couple of times when the “fish” have jumped into my boat. It happens sometimes. Usually, however, we have to work harder than that.

Be ready to catch some fish today.   

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