Caught in Sin

Art Lower tells about the time he and his friend Clarence stole a watermelon from the local drug store owner. They took the melon, cut it in half, ate the center, then put it back on the man’s porch. The boys were sure they would never be caught.

Days later, Art stopped at the drug store to get an ice cream cone. When he laid the money on the counter, the druggist asked, “How was the melon, Art?”

Art took off running, leaving his money and his ice cream cone behind.

Years later, Art asked the drug store owner how he knew it was him. He said he didn’t. He asked every kid the same question, and Art was the only one who ran away.

Sooner or later our sin will catch up to us.

“Test me, O Lord, and try me, examine my heart and my mind.”—Psalm 26:2.

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