The Look of Love

A rich young man once came to Jesus and asked how he could attain eternal life. Jesus knew that the young man’s attitude toward his wealth was keeping him from having a relationship with God. Jesus was about to tell him that he should give everything he had to the poor, then come and follow him.

I think that Jesus knew ahead of time what the young man’s response would be—he would go away sad from the presence of Jesus. Still, as Jesus prepared to give the man the spiritual advice that he had asked for—and would reject—the Bible says that “Jesus looked at him and loved him…” (Mark 10:21).

Perhaps right before we made the biggest mistake of our lives, Jesus looked at us and loved us. Amazing, isn’t it!? It is remarkable to think that Jesus loves us in spite of our sins!

We should meditate often on the look of love that Jesus gives. Let’s think about that today.

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