Have you heard about the U.S. government’s plan to become more efficient? They are talking about combining the Department of Health and the Department of Education. Their motto will be—“We Will Inoculate No Child’s Left Behind”.

Seriously, there are some wonderful benefits from being organized. Moses got some great advice from his father-in-law about how to lead the Israelites more efficiently (Exodus 18). Some people in the church are gifted with leadership abilities (Romans 12:6-8), so that the church can be governed effectively.

There are two extremes to be avoided. Some churches become so bogged down with rules and guidelines that its members feel stifled rather than free to do ministry. On the other hand, some churches are so unorganized that no one seems to know who is doing what, and sometimes ministry doesn’t get done at all.

It does take some effort to get organized, but the churches that take the time to do so are usually blessed because of their effort, and they tend to be healthier, thriving congregations.

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