Personal Responsibility

I once listened to a lady as she talked to a group of friends about her concern for the poor. Her main message seemed to be: “We need to do more for poor people!”

I found myself wondering why she didn’t simply do more for poor people. Then it finally dawned on me that she wasn’t talking about individuals doing more for the poor. She was making the argument that our government should be more active in helping those who struggle financially. It was as if actually doing something herself to aid someone in need had never occurred to her!

Why is it that so many people fail to grasp the concept of personal responsibility? The government can’t love my neighbor for me! I have to do that myself!

Jesus taught a lot about personal responsibility. When he divides the sheep from the goats on judgment day, Jesus will ask a question about our care for the poor and unfortunate. He won’t ask what percentage of your tax money went to fund government assistance programs. He won’t ask if you voted for the candidate that promised to spread the wealth around. He will ask what you did to help those in need.

What will you say?

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