How Forgetful We Are

My grandmother, Alice Cox, lived directly across the road from the little country church she attended. It was her job to prepare communion each Sunday. She would fill the cups with juice and the trays with bread at her house and carry them to church with her.

One Sunday, the congregation was preparing for communion time in the worship service. They sang a song and then offered up a solemn prayer of thanksgiving. Then they lifted the lid to the communion set, only to find the trays empty! Mamma had forgotten to fill the trays before she brought them to church!

The people had to wait a few minutes while she went home and got the communion ready.

This story illustrates how forgetful we can be. We might even go for a while without remembering the most important thing that ever happened—that Jesus died to pay for our sins. So in order to help us remember his sacrificial death, Jesus gave us a beautiful reminder—the Lord’s supper.

“…Do this in remembrance of me.”—Luke 22:19.

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    I remember your grandmother. She was my second grade teacher. Remember me, Tom? Your mother and my mother, Colleen were friends. My name is BILLI LOGAN HUGHES

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