Everybody Wins!?

Today I attended a high school volleyball match that had an unusual outcome. It seems that both teams won! Stay with me now while I try to explain.

The team from Kentucky won the first two games in a best-of-five match. The team from Ohio won the next two games, setting up the fifth and decisive game. The team from Ohio came from behind to win, or so it would seem. But the rules for Ohio and Kentucky are different. In both states, the first team to reach 25 points wins. But in Kentucky, if a match comes down to a fifth game, the first team to reach 15 points wins, while in Ohio, 25 points is still the number of points needed to win.

In this case, the Kentucky team was the first to reach 15 points in the final game. So according to Kentucky rules, they could claim victory. But since they continued to play, and the Ohio team got to 25 points first, they could claim victory under their state’s rules.

So, both teams were entitled to claim a win. Nobody lost.

I don’t have a problem with the results of this volleyball match. It was an unusual outcome, but both teams appeared worthy of being called winners, and both sides seemed fine with the verdict.

However, life doesn’t always turn out this way. Usually there are winners and losers. People should learn that things don’t always go their way.

More importantly, in eternity there will be winners and losers. Some people have tried to edit the Bible to say that all people will ultimately be saved. This directly contradicts the Scripture, especially the teachings of Jesus. Only those who trust him will be saved. Many will choose another path, one that leads to eternal suffering.

Make sure that you are on the winning team!

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