Sanctity of Life

“The righteous hate what is false, but the wicked bring shame and disgrace.”—Proverbs 13:5.

Let’s examine how this verse applies regarding the right to life issue.

Those who follow Christ hate the false claim that a woman has a “right” to end the life of her pre-born baby. The Bible consistently upholds the sanctity of life. We must actively oppose those who wrongly believe that the U.S. constitution allows for such evil. We must speak out, we must pray, we must give of our time and resources to oppose this terrible falsehood.

Those who are wicked have brought shame and disgrace upon our nation by shedding innocent blood, or by condoning others who have done so. Because of their cold-hearted disregard for human life, they have helped to place our country in danger of being the objects of God’s wrath.

Yesterday was “Sanctity of Life Sunday”. Many churches celebrated the value of human life. Let us all be aware every day that life is precious from the moment of conception until the final breath is drawn. In a society where falsehood runs rampant, let us stand boldly for the truth. Let us take a stand for the sanctity of life.

Oh, one more thing. Let’s be gracious to those who have made mistakes, but want to be forgiven. The blood of Christ has amazing power to restore and heal those whose lives have been broken because of abortion.

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