Hard to Be Humble

H.A. Ironside, who preached in the early 20th century, noticed that he was becoming proud of himself. His church was doing well, his messages were well-received and people were even recognizing him on the street.

Realizing that he needed to do something to humble himself, he hired himself out for a day. His job was to carry a sandwich board advertisement around for an entire day.

That night he thought to himself, “What a humbling experience that was!” His next thought was, “I’ll bet there’s not another preacher in Chicago who would be willing to do what I did today!”

It’s hard to be humble. Just when you think you have attained humility, you may have just lost it!

However, we must never give up trying to avoid the sin of pride. We must always strive to remain humble.

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.”—1 Peter 5:6.

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1 Response to Hard to Be Humble

  1. So true! Thanks for sharing. I wrote on humility a few days ago. Easier to write about it than live it sometimes! Haha!

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