Out of Position

On Sunday, May 6, both teams ran out of pitchers in a 17-inning game between the Baltimore Orioles and the Boston Red Sox. It was described as “a crazy game at Fenway Park”. It was the first major league game since 1925 in which both teams put a position player on the mound. The Red Sox used an outfielder to pitch, and the Orioles used a designated hitter as their pitcher. Baltimore ended up winning the game 9-6.

Sometimes circumstances demand that we perform tasks that we don’t normally do. Among the people Nehemiah used to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem were goldsmiths and perfume-makers (Nehemiah 3:8). Many of the workers were unaccustomed to the job they were given, but the work was so important that they willingly helped out in any way they could.

While we should normally seek to work in areas that are our strengths, sometimes the circumstances demand that you do something that is outside of your area of expertise. You might find yourself in a situation where you need to step in and lead a study group, chaperone a youth outing or even (gulp!) pray out loud.

Remember that the next time the coach asks you to play out of position!

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