There is a story told about a man who wanted to play in an orchestra, but he knew nothing about music. However, he was a rich man, so he paid the conductor a lot of money to let him sit on stage with an instrument in his hands. For two years, the man pretended to play, and received the applause and recognition that was lavished upon the real musicians.

Then the orchestra got a new leader. This conductor wanted to get to know all of the musicians, but every time he tried to set up a meeting with the imposter, he was given some type of excuse. Finally the pretender had to face the music. (Pun intended!). He was exposed as a fraud and forced out of the group.

Jesus warns against hypocrisy. He hates it when people pretend to be something that they are not. When he returns, will he find you making music in his kingdom? Or will he find you faking it?

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