Properly Clothed

Our church recently had a Team Spirit Sunday. We encouraged our people to wear a jersey that represented their favorite sports team. There was quite a variety of sports represented that day: college basketball, major league baseball, professional football and our local high school teams, to name a few.

The point we were trying to make is that Christianity is a team sport. God designed his kingdom so that we would be working together for maximum impact.

I wore an embroidered shirt that promoted the local high school golf team. If I were to wear that shirt in the community, people might get the idea that I was one of the coaches, or maybe a proud parent of a young golfer. At the very least, one would assume that I was a big fan of the team.

However, the truth is, I have never even seen our golf team play. While looking for something to wear for Team Spirit Sunday, I found the shirt at a discount store and paid $3 for it. Wearing the shirt did not at all make me a supporter of the high school golf team.

The Bible says that it is no small thing to call ourselves “Christians”. Galatians 3:27 says, “For all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.”

“Christian” is not merely a label; it is a lifestyle.

So, are you properly clothed? Or are you walking around in a $3 Jesus shirt?

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