Hospitality is one of the qualities that we ought to see in a church leader (Titus 1:8). For obvious reasons, we want our elders to be men who are willing to share their lives with others.


In addition to inviting people into your home, there are other ways that we can show hospitality. For instance, one of our elders and his wife recently treated my wife and me to a play in a nearby town. We had lunch in their home before riding with them to our destination. After the play, they treated us to a milkshake. (Chocolate!)  We all had a delightful time.


A couple of days later, another elder and his wife blessed my wife and me with tickets to a Christian concert. We drove with them to the concert, and, once again, enjoyed a good time.


Every Christian ought to strive to be hospitable. What ideas can you come up with to share your life with other Christians?  


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