By the Numbers

After lights out, the inmates of the prison took turns calling out numbers, which caused the other inmates to burst out in laughter.

“#23!” “Ha! Ha! Ha!”

“#17!” “Ha! Ha! Ha!”

“#42!” “Ha! Ha! Ha!”

A new prisoner asked his cellmate what was going on. He explained that a book of jokes had been passed around the prison for so long that all the inmates knew every joke by heart. They had even memorized their numbers. So, in order to save time, instead of telling a joke, they just shouted out a number to entertain each other.

The newcomer thought he would give it a try, so he shouted, “#35!”

The silence was deafening. (Cue the chirping crickets.)

“What’s wrong?” asked the new guy. “Why aren’t they laughing?”

“I guess some people just don’t know how to tell a joke!”

Some verses of Scripture are so familiar that we only have to hear their reference number and many of us can nod in agreement as we experience the joy of God’s truth.

“John 3:16!”

“Philippians 4:13!”

“Romans 8:28!”

It’s your turn.

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