Why He Came


A cartoon depicted two angels standing in heaven, looking down at the earth. One angel asked the other, “I wonder why God likes that particular planet so much?” The other angel responded, “I think it’s because he visited there once.”

Christmas is when we celebrate the fact that Jesus became flesh and dwelled among us. John 1 reminds us of the reasons for his visit.

First, he came to bring grace and truth (v.14). It is difficult to be truthful and graceful at the same time. Yet Jesus did this perfectly. He set the example for us. People need to hear the truth, but they need to hear it expressed with love, mercy and grace.

Second, Jesus came to give us an abundance of blessings (v.16). Sometimes we act like spoiled children, demanding more gifts while surrounded by a mountain of presents! Let us avoid the dangerous mindset of entitlement, and understand that God gives us much better than we deserve.

Finally, he came to make God known to us (v.18). A teacher once asked her young student what he was drawing. “It’s a picture of God,” he answered. “But, Billy, no one knows what God looks like.” “They will when I get finished!”

Jesus shows us what God is like, and teaches what God expects from us. Jesus helps us to understand more about God and how to live for him.

Jesus gave us some very important gifts when he came to visit that first Christmas. Let’s enjoy those gifts and share them with others.

Merry Christmas!

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