Flip Side

Patti Page

Patti Page

Singer Patti Page has died at the age of 85. Page had many hits, but she is probably remembered most for “Tennessee Waltz”, one of the best-selling recordings ever.

It was a fluke that “Tennessee Waltz” became a hit. Page loved the song, but Mercury Records, which had her under contract, wasn’t so sure about it. Finally, Mercury agreed to put it on the B-side of a Christmas song. Now, no one remembers that Christmas song, but “Tennessee Waltz” eventually sold over 10 million copies. That’s not bad for a B-side release!

God’s ways are not our ways, and sometimes he uses the “flip side” to accomplish his purposes. Abraham thought that Ishmael was a good idea, but Isaac was what God had in mind. Saul/Paul assumed that the church should be eradicated, but God wanted it to spread across the world. The crowds wanted Barabbas in their lives instead of Jesus.

There are many examples of how God’s plan ultimately turned out to be something completely different from what people had in mind.

Have you ever had this happen in your life? Do you have an interesting “flip side” story to tell?

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