Crime and Punishment

capital punishment

Carl Rollins, a Democratic State Representative from Midway, Kentucky, will introduce legislation that would abolish the death penalty in Kentucky. His bill calls for the term “capital punishment” to be stricken altogether from state law.

Such legislation has been proposed from time to time in Kentucky in the past several years, but it has never gained enough support to pass.

Taking the opposing view, Kenton County Commonwealth’s Attorney Rob Sanders points out that most Kentuckians favor the death penalty for some cases, and he argues that a sad truth is that capital punishment is a necessary punishment for society’s most evil criminals.

This is an issue that is being discussed all around the world, and even Christians are divided about what stance to take.

A careful reading of Romans 13:1-5 seems to justify the use of the death penalty. This passage of Scripture not only seems to allow the governing officials to put certain criminals to death, it perhaps mandates that they do so.

I’m open to listen to other opinions on this issue. What’s your take on it?

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