Louie Giglio

Louie Giglio

Evangelical preacher Louie Giglio was asked to give the benediction at President Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremony on January 21. However, Giglio will not participate in the event after a controversy arose over comments he made in the 1990s about homosexual behavior. The liberal website ThinkProgress posted excerpts of a sermon where Giglio criticizes homosexuality as unacceptable behavior in Christianity.

While liberals are shouting their tired and misleading refrain of “Homophobia!”, Giglio’s position is nothing new. Both Old and New Testaments consistently forbid homosexual behavior. Recent attempts to explain away these Scriptures have failed miserably.

(By the way, I understand that President Obama, who came out in favor of “gay marriage” during his re-election campaign, is planning to place his hand on a Bible as he is sworn in for his second term. What irony!)

I have not heard any recent comments from Mr. Giglio on his views, but I hope that he continues to stand firm on the truth.

Will you?

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2 Responses to ThinkHoly

  1. Have you read those “recent attempts” with an open heart? In the 19th century, some Evangelicals used the Bible to justify slavery. None do so now, and in our lifetime we have seen the arguments for the division of the races, based on the Bible, die. Thank God. So too with the false arguments that the Bible requires many of God’s children to be celibate.

    • jesustrek says:

      I read every verse of the Bible every year with an open heart. It’s shameful that people once tried to justify slavery by misusing Scripture. However, it’s impossible to twist Scripture to justify “gay marriage”, and it’s a shame that some ignore God’s plain teaching to promote unholy lifestyles. You are in error on this matter.

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