Properly Equipped


While no one was voted into the baseball Hall of Fame this year, 3 men who died more than 70 years ago will be inducted into the Hall. These men were chosen by a 16-member panel considering individuals from the era before integration in 1947.

One of these 3 men is Deacon White. I know nothing about Mr. White except that he is described as a “barehanded catcher”.

What!? I can’t conceive of anyone attempting to play any position in baseball without a glove, especially the position of catcher! I wouldn’t last one batter! Imagine the physical toll it would take on a person’s body to be a baseball catcher without any protective equipment.

Now, imagine the spiritual toll it takes on a person who does not “put on the full armor of God.” (Ephesians 6:10-18). Without the protective gear provided by God (prayer, truth, righteousness, etc.), we would indeed take a spiritual beating!

Make sure you put on your protective equipment every day.

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