Exodus 17 gives an interesting account of how the Israelites engaged their opposition in combat. While Joshua led the troops, Moses, Aaron and Hur watched from the top of a hill. Whenever Moses raised his hands, Israel was winning. However, whenever he lowered his hands, the enemy started to win. After a while, Moses’ hands got tired. So Aaron and Hur got a stone for Moses to sit on. The two of them then stood at Moses’ side and held his hands up until the Israelite army had won the victory.

This is an example of how we need to support our leaders. I’ve been in situations where people looked for a stone for me, but it was for throwing at me, not for giving me rest! I’ve had people want to hold my hand, but only to twist my arm behind my back until I promised to stop leading!

All of us need to find ways to give our church leaders the rest and support that they need. And leaders should appreciate the people who bless them with kindness and encouragement. Working together in this way, we form a winning combination that will bring great victories for Christ and his church.

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