That’s a Shame!

Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld

Of all the classic lines delivered by Jerry Seinfeld in the iconic television show that bears his name, one of my favorites is—“That’s a shame!” This was often Jerry’s response to the news that someone had experienced some type of misfortune. What makes the line funny is that Jerry delivers it with a complete lack of emotion. It is apparent from his tone that he really doesn’t care about the person at all.

Since Jesus implores us to love our neighbors, it is imperative that we do not fall into the trap of merely pretending to care about them. We might fool ourselves into believing that we are truly concerned about people. We might even convince others that we are loving individuals. But we can’t fool God! And he is the one we must ultimately please.

So, the next time we hear of someone who needs some love, we can say, “That’s a shame!” Or we could do something to help.

“Love must be sincere…”—Romans 12:9.

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