Chemistry Test

Randy Jackson

Randy Jackson

Randy Jackson has just announced that he is leaving American Idol after being a judge on the show for 12 years. He and fellow original judges Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul helped make the show a cultural sensation, but Jackson feels that it is time to concentrate on other endeavors.

Jackson’s decision may be due in part to the lack of chemistry between the current judges on the show. MJ Santilli, who talks about various singing competitions on, describes the animosity between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj as “poisonous.” The judges’ inability to relate well to one another probably has something to do with the show’s declining popularity. Santilli says, “What they need to do next time is some chemistry-testing before they hire anybody.”

Poor chemistry can drastically hamper any team, even a leadership team in the local church. The atmosphere is tense and production is limited when co-leaders are having trouble working together.

The Bible says that before men are appointed as deacons, they must first be tested (1 Timothy 3:10). Only then are they to serve as deacons.

Part of that test should be to see if they are able to work well with those who are already on the leadership team. It’s better to leave a harmonious team intact than to add someone who will disrupt the chemistry. Remember this principle the next time you consider adding someone new to the mix in your group of church leaders.

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