Right Kind of Influence

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow

In a survey recently released by Forbes.com, Tim Tebow was named the most influential athlete in the USA. This is refreshing news, especially when we consider the lifestyles of other athletes who influence our culture.

Tebow says this regarding the honor: “I see it as a great responsibility to be a role model for future generations. That’s something I care about more than winning football games. If I can take the game of football and can transcend football, go to hospitals and make kids smile, I’ll be doing things that matter.”

We Christians are glad to see role models like Tim Tebow, who influence people for Christ. We should pray for Tebow’s strength and holiness. The world hates him, and would like nothing better than to see him falter in some way.

Not many of us have the kind of platform afforded to a professional athlete. However, we should do whatever we can to be the salt and light that Jesus calls us to be (Matthew 5:13-16). Let us always strive to influence as many people as we can for Jesus.

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2 Responses to Right Kind of Influence

  1. cranstonholden says:

    Tebow is a lot like this quote.

    The less you are like others, the less other will like you.

    I personally love Tebow. He puts God first and stand behind it!

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