People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is probably the best-known animal rights group in the U.S. PETA tries to make people feel guilty for enjoying an occasional hamburger. This organization urges Americans not to eat turkey on Thanksgiving. Yet it has recently been revealed that PETA kills an average of about 2,000 cats and dogs each year at the animal shelter it runs at its headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia.

This news has confused many people and has infuriated others. PETA is known as an organization that has been very vocal in their belief that animals should not be killed for food, fur coats or leather goods. The killing of cats and dogs—deaths which create no human benefit whatsoever–seems quite inconsistent with their professed beliefs. PETA is in danger of losing support if they do not take measures to correct this hypocrisy.

Jesus warns against spiritual hypocrisy. Matthew 23 reveals how passionate Jesus was in speaking out against pretenders.

I suppose that instead of focusing on PETA’s inconsistencies, perhaps I should see if I have any of my own to address.

Side Note: I looked for a PETA picture to go along with this post. Most that I found were inappropriate for this blog; some were quite vulgar.

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