Character Matters

Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner insists that he will continue with his campaign to become the next mayor of New York City. Many are calling for him to drop out of the race after it was revealed that the disgraced congressman continued to exchange explicit text messages even after his previous sexting had destroyed his career. Weiner seems intent on making a political comeback, hoping that the voters will give him another chance.

They just might do that. After all, President Clinton is one of the most popular public figures in the world, even after he lied about sexual activity with White House intern Monica Lewinsky—activity that took place in the White House! And voters in South Carolina sent Mark Sanford to Washington as their representative not all that long after his well-publicized affair while he was governor of that state.

People will often settle for unfit leaders. One parable in the Bible says, “Finally all the trees said to the thornbush, ‘Come and be our king.’—Judges 9:14.

It doesn’t have to be that way in a democracy. We have the ability to choose men and women of good character to be our leaders. In spite of what some people think, character indeed does matter.

“Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.”—Proverbs 14:34.

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