Spiritual Confusion

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Archbishop Desmond Tutu made the news Friday when he said that he would rather go to hell than go to what he referred to as a “homophobic heaven”.

Pope Francis recently responded, when asked about gay people, “Who am I to judge?”

I am concerned that Tutu may one day have his wish granted. I also would like for the Pope to be clearer in his statements, which have been interpreted to mean that he approves of homosexual behavior.

It is no wonder there is so much spiritual confusion in the world! If spiritual leaders are not able to communicate spiritual truth, more and more people will be led astray.

The Bible clearly and consistently forbids homosexual behavior. Romans 1 warns of the wrath of God that awaits all those who practice wickedness. Of all the sins mentioned in this chapter, the one that is given the most attention is the sin of homosexual behavior. Not only are men and women forbidden to engage in such perversion (God’s word, not mine), we are forbidden to approve of those who practice these things.

Did you get that last part? We cannot approve of homosexual behavior and call ourselves Christians.

Please don’t be confused about that.

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