Something about that Name

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash had a big hit with A Boy Named Sue. This hilarious song is about a man who grew up hating his name and all the suffering that it brought to his life. “Sue” wished that he had a different name.

Some believers have suggested that it is time to get rid of the name “Christian”. Their reasoning is that the world has such negative connotations of the name.  It is true that many people are put off when they hear the word “Christian”. They think of people who are rude, pushy, narrow-minded and judgmental. Therefore, it is the thinking of some Christians that perhaps we should find a more seeker-friendly label.

It is unfortunate that some followers of Christ have exhibited behavior that is unbecoming of a Christian. However, I think that the world will have a negative view of us no matter what we call ourselves.

Furthermore, “Christian” is one of the biblical names for followers of Jesus. Should we do away with a perfectly good biblical term simply because some non-believers don’t like it?

Maybe we should simply toughen up, like “Sue” did!

“However, if you suffer as a Christian, do not be ashamed, but praise God that you bear that name.”—1 Peter 4:16.

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