Surviving the Storm

Superstorm Sandy damage

Superstorm Sandy damage

A year ago today, Superstorm Sandy hit the east coast, killing at least 182 people in the United States and causing an estimated $65 billion in damage. The region has not yet recovered from the storm. Many people are still waiting for insurance money. Others who have received payments have found that the settlement was not nearly enough to rebuild their home or business. Some are wondering if they should even attempt to rebuild in a place where another storm might hit in the future.

Jesus urges us to build our lives wisely when it comes to spiritual matters. At the end of the Sermon on the Mount, he teaches that some build wisely, while others build foolishly (Matthew 7:24-27). Those who build foolishly will see disastrous results. If you want to create something that will last, you have to build your life on the teachings of Jesus.

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