Better Decide!

deerMy wife and I were driving to the city today to do some Christmas shopping when a deer suddenly appeared on the highway ahead of us. We could not stop soon enough to avoid hitting her. She would have to get out of the way. She seemed undecided about which way she wanted to go. The deer seemed to know that she was in danger, but she had no idea that she had so little time to make up her mind and get to a safe place. She made a final, desperate lunge to avoid our car, but it was too late. Her indecision cost the deer her life.

Many people are like that deer. They know that the Lord will return someday. They also know that they are in danger because they aren’t ready to meet Jesus. Many will make the mistake of thinking they have more time to decide.

That’s why it’s best to decide to follow Jesus now!

“But the day of the Lord will come like a thief…”—2 Peter 3:10.

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