When we watch old movies and shows on television, my wife and I enjoy discovering actors and actresses who were once relatively unknown but have since made a name for themselves.

“Hey! Isn’t that so-and-so from such-and-such?”

“I think you’re right!”

Quite often the person has changed so much that recognition is difficult. It’s funny to see how much they have changed. It’s also amusing to see the type of role they once played. Even some of the best actors and actresses get their start by playing in some horrible movies and shows. Some might be embarrassed at the roles they once agreed to play. Today they would not even consider playing the parts that they once so readily accepted.

If we were to watch our lives on film, I suppose we would be amused to notice how much we have changed over the years. We would no doubt be embarrassed at the roles we once played. We thought we were doing the right thing at the time, but now we have a better understanding of the role that God has in mind for us to play. Let’s refuse to accept anything less.

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord…”–Jeremiah 29:11

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