Stirring Things Up

When the Magi from the east came to Jerusalem looking for baby Jesus, all of Jerusalem was disturbed (Matthew 2:1-3). Apparently there was a big fuss over someone who was said to be born king of the Jews. For some time now, there had been a lot of anticipation among God’s people. They were expecting a Messiah, one sent from God who would lead them and care for them. Perhaps the long-awaited prophecy was now being fulfilled in Jesus. In any case, Jesus stirred things up from the very beginning of his arrival on this planet.

Fast forward to Jesus’ adulthood, near the end of his life on earth. He was making his way to Jerusalem in what we call the “Triumphal Entry” (Matthew 21:1-11). He rode into the city on a donkey’s colt, fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah 62:11. The large crowd, perhaps realizing this was a fulfillment of prophecy, praised Jesus loudly and exuberantly as he entered the city. Verse 10 says, “When Jesus entered Jerusalem, the whole city was stirred and asked, “Who is this?”

It seems that Jesus was constantly keeping things stirred up. Even today, Jesus still causes some lively discussions. When the teachings of Christ are applied to hot-button issues such as: the sanctity of life, the definition of marriage, the value of hard work and the need to care for the poor, the conversation is never boring!

Let’s not back away from these conversations. Let’s keep things stirred up. Just like Jesus did.

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