Should Have Listened!

encouraging bird“I told you so” is one of the favorite phrases in the English language. We like to remind people that we were right and that they should have listened to us.

“I told you so” is also one of the least favorite phrases in the English language. When we were wrong about something, and had been forewarned about this, we don’t want to hear it at all.

Paul the apostle had issued a warning in Acts 27:9-10 that the voyage they were embarking on would end up in disaster. When his prediction came true, Paul couldn’t help but say, in so many words, “I told you so!” (v.21).

However, Paul goes on to encourage his fellow travelers and remind them of God’s presence with them.

What is the lesson here? Perhaps that we should spend less time saying “I told you so”, and more time giving people the encouragement they need.

Usually, we would do well to drop the “I told you so” altogether and focus on encouraging words.

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